Protecting young people from bad things.

Teddy is Ready! is a book for children and a comprehensive emergency preparedness training program for teachers and parents.



Every day millions of parents send what they care most about in this world to school or daycare with the expectation they will learn and the absolute belief they will be safe.

Each of the topics presented in this book are based on current emergency preparedness best practices and standards of care as outlined by FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Education’s Guide for Developing High Quality School Emergency Operations Plans.
Ready to get prepared?  Let Captain Teddy show you the way!



Schools are safe, but bad things can and do happen. This book is intended to help parents, teachers and care givers discuss, in an age appropriate manner, proven strategies that will help keep children even safer!


Teddy likes to imagine he is Captain Ready. When a new safety skill is learned, a safety badge icon will appear on the page and Teddy will imagine how Captain Ready would use this new safety skill.


Together we can help make daycares, schools, and the young people who attend them, even safer! Contact your school district and/or local office of emergency management for additional emergency preparedness resources.


Emergency Preparedness Training for Teachers and Caregivers

Schools are safe, but bad things can and do happen. SafePlans developed Teddy IS ready!, a children’s  book  intended to help parents, teachers and care givers discuss, in an age appropriate manner, proven strategies that will help keep children safer!



I have worked with several states and hundreds of school districts all over the nation to improve emergency preparedness. Inevitably, emergency planning sessions and training programs create questions about how to prepare the youngest and most vulnerable students. Superintendents, principals, teachers, caregivers and parents are simply not educated on how to train young people. I firmly believe that Teddy is Ready! will help make our schools, daycare centers and young people even safer!


Recruited by company founder and CEO, Brad Spicer, Ron joined SafePlans in July 2015.  Ron was born and raised in St. Louis.  Following a tour of duty in Viet Nam with the US Navy, Ron served as a law enforcement officer with the newly formed MUPD in Columbia, Missouri. Migrating to civilian life, Ron’s career focused on Sales, Marketing and Business Development, where he quickly rose through the ranks to leadership roles in the technology industry.  Ron has excelled in both VP and Presidential positions for major technology companies worldwide.  He holds a BS in Law Enforcement & Corrections Administration from Truman State University.

Having served in the past as Missouri’s Director of the Office of Homeland Security for over 6 years and now serving as the Director of the Missouri Center for Education Safety, I understand the value of preparedness education, even at a very early age. Any efforts to prepare our children to prevent a crisis or at a minimum help them to better deal with it, are efforts well spent. I applaud the initiative of Brad Spicer and SafePlans in preparing and promoting this educational effort, and highly recommend anyone involved in early education to consider incorporating this material either formally or even informally in their educational curriculum.


Missouri Center for Education Safety,

I have worked in public safety for 27 years with the last 10 in Emergency Management; a resource like this has been needed for a long time. With the changing times the material is comprehensive, non-threatening and very relevant. I read this to my own children who are in Kindergarten and 1st grade and it held their attention while bringing up some very good questions. I think every parent should talk to their kids about these topics and this resource makes that fun and easy.


Director of Emergency Management, Dickinson County